Physiotherapy With A Holistic Women’s Health & Wellness Approach

My Passion. My Purpose. Your Physio.

A boutique physiotherapy practice blending science with intuition, offering a combination of therapeutic techniques and heartfelt support during womanhood. We welcome women from puberty to menopause and beyond. Whether you are a student, an athlete, a professional, a caretaker, or embracing any other role, HerFemPhysio is here for HER.

The practices’s primary goal is to empower each woman to blossom into her fullest potential. With a nurturing feminine approach, we promote a well-rounded lifestyle and offer personalised guidance interventions for Her.

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Hi, I’m Danielle; it’s lovely to meet you!

I am a passionate physiotherapist, a woman who has walked your path, seen your path or has your path lying ahead of her. I have experienced the challenges of puberty, grappled with contraceptives, faced the heartache of pregnancy loss and experienced the joy of the rainbow that follows. The birth of my daughter is an event marked with an emergency cesarean section following an undedicated labour of nearly 48 hours, which lead to unexpected hurdles in breastfeeding and a challenging recovery from major abdominal surgery.

I am prepared to walk this journey with you.

My passion is for holistic women’s health & wellness. Thus, I have concentrated all post-graduate studies and knowledge expansion on treating a woman for all she is worth. This includes further studies in Pain neuroscience, neural-myofacial-skeletal conditions, sports injuries, clinical pilates (APPI) and official female pelvic girdle, including ante- & post-natal treatments and breastfeeding support.

I am a physiotherapist with a passion to empower my patients regarding the female body and increase your body awareness. This led me on the path to expanded even further with a Certificate in Birth Coaching (Doula – WOMBS) and I am currently completing my Diploma in Health Coaching, using these tools as a part of my holistic approach within the scope of a physiotherapy.

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